backcountry travel no boundaries tour 2001

JUNE 2001

biking in the Palouse
photo by Bill Bonner

We’re in Missoula.

We’ve gone 245 miles in the last 6 days. Down through Kendrick, Kamiah, and up the Lochsa River on Idaho’s Highway 12. We've almost been smashed to a bloody pulp by all the logging trucks.

Some crazy guys in Kamiah gave us the finger, and some fratboys gave us a tap off their keg at Weir Hot Springs. To top it all off, we're probably going to camp in a city park tonight. Overall, we're in good spirits and having a good time. Seems as if the food you gave us is going to last a while. We still have a lot left after almost a week. About 25# each.

There have been lots of bikers going this way. A group of 15 guided by Adventure Cyclists, and a couple of privateers, like ourselves. Some of them were really interested and some seemed too tired to talk. We met a lady named Debbie who says she sells your food at Cabellas in Portland.