backcountry travel no boundaries tour 2001


Hey everybody at the farm,

  photo by Bill Bonner

How's everything in scow-town?  Is the season windin' down yet?  We are closin' in on day 100.  The whole scheme of things is in constant flux.  But what a story to tell.  We have met so many people and all with such extraordinary qualities.  Small town folk like Doyle from Clayton, Idaho.  He blessed us with the use of all his tools and giant shop to weld our broken bike trailer, asking nothing in return.  A man named Feather hung out with us at Marshall Lake by Burley,  Idaho.  He wanted to be 20 again so he could go with us. Or Sus who we met in the absolutely fabulous CITY OF ROCKS.  He showed us some epic climbs and told us about 50 others we had to try.  He climbs routes using only one arm to pull his entire body straight up.  He was a huge inspiration to me.  And ya can't forget the old cowboy from Pocatello...non-stop comedy and a major stuffing of pizza and beer and an offer to drive us to Jackson Hole...all given to us from a guy who hasn't had a week off since he was 16.  Then there was Kayleen. At just barely nineteen years old she was married to a farmboy and they already had a 7 month old child. Kayleen asked us to stay with them and more pizza for dinner and pancakes in the morning were given to us with only the request to,"come and see us if you pass through again" and for the last week we have had the privilege to stay with Bob and Dot from England. Bob knows everything about everything and will tell you anything you want to know and more.  Dot has been just like a mother to us...offering beds, showers, laundry, dinner.  She even drove us around to see the awesome geography of the Moab area.  This trip will never be forgotten. I can't wait to see what faces the future holds!   

Bill Bonner


October 31, 2001

Hey lo Ya'll

Well, we have made it to San Diego. The homemade trailer made it with flying colors. Still have a little food left and some money in my pocket (burnin a hole, of course). Our 2,788 mile endeavor should have ended around Zion. The trip from that point on was of a different nature. Instead of the earth's beauty attracting us we saw the end and rushed blindly towards it's blinking lights. Riding the freeway into Las Vegas brewed a cup of laziness in our bodies. The $20.00 Hotel and Casino lured us in with its $2.50 Buffet. This was the first time we paid money to stay somewhere. The desert of the Mojave was not at all like I imagined. Our easiest days of riding in terms of Energy = Time x Distance was the 300 mi. or so stretch from Vegas to San Diego. Luckily it only lasted about a week.

On a better note, Southern Utah is incredible! The Arches, Canyonlands, Grand Staircase Escalante, Capitol Reef, Bryce and Zion are all must sees, however I think they contained more elevation changes than the rest of the trip combined. I can't wait to see them again someday. By the way, we met a girl who is gearing up to walk the entire state of Utah. She plans on taking a year. She is a park ranger at Zion. We talked about gear and equipment and good food for her. I gave her one of your cards and told her to get a hold of you.

I left my journal in a telephone booth and someone took it or something so that really sucks, but if they read it they will easily be able to track me down. We shall see. I had some great stories of the Teton climb but that was so unforgettable and funny (when I look back) that I could never forget it. The web site looks cool. The new stuff was great. I have some more pics that I want you to see. Mom and Dad and my sister are coming to see me and my bro in a few weeks to celebrate so I will give them the pics and they can relay them to you. There is a small waterfall in Capitol Reef that poured icy water and I just stood in its mist forever. It was the best feeling on earth and in the last four months I have had a lot to compare to. Thanks again for everything.

Bill Bonner